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I am old.

I started playing at San Francisco clubs in the late ’80s. My mentor was DJ EFX (older brother of DJ E-Z-E, now known as Mind Motion). At that time my sets mostly consisted of dance floor-heating hip-hop, electro, freestyle, Miami Bass and new wave — which of course I still love mixing today. I’m now at ease with all styles from punk and metal to disco and club, as well as rap from all regions of the US, with a focus on my home, the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the mid- to late-’90s, during the indie hip-hop 12-inch revolution, I edited and published the DJ-centric Vinyl Exchange newsletter/zine. The Vinyl Exchange championed the DIY aesthetic, DJs, underground hip-hop, and of course, vinyl.

I’ve opened for hip-hop acts such as the APG Crew, Artifacts, Gang Starr, Brother Ali and Atmosphere.

My record collection is deep with soul, disco, punk, various ’70s, ’80s and ’90s styles and a wide range of dance music, but hip-hop and rap from the early days to the present are its core. Although you’ll see “Don’t book me, I’m retired” here (if you look closely), don’t believe it. I’m happy to keep playing as long as people want to listen.