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Matthew Africa Day

October 23, 2012    Hip-Hop History, Random    No Comments »

My 50th birthday party w/ (l to r, standing) Matthew Africa, Liz, me, White Paul, WillieMaze, Joe Bank$, SergDun, my nephew Jon, my niece Angela, Jerry Nice and Diane. DJs Swayzee and Lil’ Elle in front. Today is Matthew Africa’s … Continue reading

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DJ Steve Dee

May 21, 2012    Hip-Hop History, Random    No Comments »

I’m not going to attempt to explain the importance of Steve Dee to DJing and hip-hop. This video does it better. Let me just say that Steve is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2011    Random    No Comments »

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“You guys should um, totally come to my DJ night.”

December 16, 2011    Random, Self-promotion, Spindig    No Comments »

  Portlandia’s “Wanna Come to My DJ Night?” clip is hilarious, yes, but I was so enamored by DJ Eleanor’s flyer that I had to make one (almost) just like it.