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December 3, 2017    Random    No Comments »

Stef and I met through a mutual love for music in Cincinnati of all places. We were both there for Scribble Jam in 2002, an underground hiphop festival with a bunch of rappers no one cares about. We had messaged … Continue reading

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69RPM Happy Hour 3/24/17

March 21, 2017    69RPM, Gigs    No Comments »

After Joe Bank$ missing the January 69RPM, and bartender Tracy’s weekend getaway and Serg and Stef’s vacation last month, the band is back together this Friday. RSVP on Facebook and get down to The Knockout at 6:00! Live bands (Slough … Continue reading

69RPM Happy Hour 1/25/17

January 25, 2017    69RPM, Gigs    No Comments »

The fourth Friday of the month approaches and that means it’s time for the first 69RPM Happy Hour of the year. Our friend Awww Damn will be playing rap, punk and metal along with SergDun and me.  

Spindig action

November 26, 2011    Random, Spindig    No Comments »

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